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Sudipto Ghosh

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Balvantray Mehta Vidya Bhawan ASMAGreater Kailash II, New Delhi, India
Class of 2018 - Science
Majored in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology


Web Development

5 yrs of industry xp

Model UN Conf

Chaired UNEP at BMVBMUN'18

Info Designing

Information Designing3 yrs of working xp

Team Working

3 yrs of leadership xp

Public Speaking

7 yrs of practical xp

Academic Writing

8 yrs of practical xp

High School PCMB

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology2 + 1 yrs of learning xp

Keyboard & Guitar

2 $ yrs of hands on xp


Radio Waves
Transmission & Reception

Nov '14 - Nov' 16
This project demonstrated the principles of radio transmission using AM and FM technologies for INSPIRE Exhibition. Subsequently, the FM section is being used to broadcast online lectures and the school is planning to start its own FM station. This model won the INSPIRE SLEPC and had been selected for INSPIRE NLEPC.

Yoga Mat

Sep '15 Sep '16
The objective of the project was to generate electricity when a person walks, runs, jumps, exercises or does yoga on a special surface which has piezoelectric crystals embedded inside it and then store the same. This project won the Zonal Level Science Exhibition of Directorate of Education, Govt of National Capital Territory of Delhi.

Food Crisis
Causes & Effects

Apr '14 - Aug '14
This was a Google Science Fair Project in the Food Security category. The flawed Public Distribution System for agricultural projects urged me to research and find out more about the present conditions and possible consequences if the system remained flawed. Statistical estimations were calculated & conclusions derived.

Nerd FM
Community Radio

Jul '18 - ?
Currently testing and deploying a community radio station 'Nerd FM' in my neighbourhood. Used low-cost and easy-to-source components which were put together to build a custom hardware. Used open-source software to relay educational content and broadcast the same. I can help anyone willing to build a similar setup.

Saving Child

Sep '15 - Feb '16
Identified child labourers in the neighbouring communities and one such individual was granted educational and financial help from the school authorities. It was undertaken as the social project of the Interact Club of BMVB ASMA, when I was the President of the Club. The Club also undertook various other projects related to social action.

Outreach Program
for BMVB MUN '18

Aug '18 - Nov '18
Undertaken the designing, development and management of the official website and social media pages of the Inaugural BMVB Model United Nations Conference. Authored the Background Guide for the UNEP Committee. Presided over the International Press as the Head of the IP team.

Portfolio for
Subhash Ch Ghosh

Dec '18
Made a full-stack portfolio webapp for my father who wished to have a web presence. The app uses Bulma for the front-end, NodeJS and Express for the back-end, PostgreSQL as the data store, Sequelize as the ORM and Heroku as the deployment platform. Made REST APIs, dealt with databases, learnt a lot.


Nov '16 - ?
In order to take part in contributing to the open source community and encourage others to do the same, I started my own repositories and made most of the work available to the people who wish to achieve a similar goal. I always used VCS when undertaking any work, hence, sharing my work couldn't get easier.

API Server

Dec '18
Made an API for converting spatial tables on PostgreSQL or MySQL to GeoJSON on the fly. Primarily developed for testing, could be used for production in the future. The API was developed on NodeJS and Express primarily to avoid resource heavy solutions.

Mini Projects

React Planner



RPS Android


5th Inspire NLEPC

National Level Exhibition and Project CompetitionParticipated in Nationals

SpellBee India

Cityfinalist '13, Semifinalist '15

+ Certificate

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Int'l Assessments for Indian Schools (CS)State Topper '09 -'11


BITS-Phyzok Pre-Board Int'l Scholarship ExamStudent Merit Award '18

GREEN Olympiad

Certificate of Merit '15


Dr APJ Abdul Kalam IGNITE AwardsProjects accepted '16, '17

गर वदन छतर अभनदन

छतर अभनदन परसकर '18

Web Ranger

Google India WR '16


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